Your Jump-Start to Minimalism, and Simple Parenting Too!

PLUS, a free printable that breaks down the path we took to minimize our home, and introduce a simpler life to our family!

Since a recent post in a minimalist mama’s group got a lot of attention, I’ve had a few DM’s asking where to get started. I thought this was a great opportunity to share the steps I’ve taken, bloggers I’ve followed, books I’ve read and podcasts I’ve enjoyed while creating a more minimalistic home life for my family.

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I took this photo the day Norovirus hit our home. It is not staged. It is not filtered (other than knowing how to utilize the exposure setting pre-click on my iPhone 😉). It was not taken over and over to capture the perfect angle or moment. A quick snapshot during a Norovirus outbreak to capture how my day was going. Peaceful. Is that possible?!

Yes. I hate to be that person. But yes, it is. Of course my heart was aching for my sick kiddo on the couch. But thanks to living with less, it is possible.

During this sweep of sickness, I was able to sanitize our entire home, toys included, in under 30 minutes. All my surfaces were already clear of clutter. No lifting or rearranging to wipe them down. Our toys have been purged and are in rotation, meaning only a few had been out the week prior. So it was that much less to clean.

Laundry is done almost daily so I wasn’t overwhelmed when I had to change someone’s PJs and bedding the night before. I could locate my cleaning supplies instantly and was able to just get to work. Meaning I was able to just spend all day comforting my sick babe.

Which is were my attention needed to be. And it was effortless guys.


I nursed a sick babe to health, and my home didn’t fall apart in the process.

So needless to say, this was my moment of testimony. When I knew that the entire last year of hard work was so worth it. And I knew I needed to share my journey with you.

Disclaimer ::: This isn’t going to be the perfect path for everyone to follow. This is just the path I stumbled into, and it’s worked great for us thus far. I so recommend as you go through this process, to do so discerningly. Take what works for your family, and leave behind what doesn’t! I’m always looking for more inspiration through bloggers, books, podcasts, etc. So please feel free to comment with your fave inspo’s too!

First, I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Also known as The KonMari Method. This book really helped me grasp that our things don’t control us. We control our things. I also learned how to let go of the guilt associated with items (gifts, sentimental pieces, etc.). Through this book I completed my initial purge (pre-move!) and let go of three truck loads and two full van loads from our home. Not to mention what Habitat Restore picked up, or the countless items I sold through Facebook Marketplace. Oooooor all the things I was able to simply throw away or donate. Basically, this book helped me to release a lot of crap from our life and home.


Once we moved into our new home, I continued to purge as we unpacked, mainly utilizing the KonMari method (easily another van load). After we settled in, I was still SOOOO overwhelmed by all of our kids’ items. That’s when I picked up Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne and Lisa Ross.

This book is a must read for parents! For more info on this book and my take on Simplicity Parenting, visit my blog post here!

After these initial books, our home felt really great. Our kids were reacting and adjusting amazingly to a simpler life, and I was hooked. As we’ve settled in our home and I’ve settled into novice minimalism, I’ve really enjoyed the following bloggers to keep my inspiration ignited.

If you take this process in stages, it is easier. Or at least it was for me. KonMari Method suggests you do it all at once (schedule yourself an entire weekend dedicated to one huge purge, but as a momma, I just didn’t have that as an option!). What’s most important is doing what is best for you! I feel like you need to find what type of minimalism brings you the most peace. I know that in this current season of life, my best minimalism looks like surfaces clean of clutter, and closets not exploding to the brim. And that works for us.

Where to start? I really feel like The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up followed by Simplicity Parenting is a great start for anyone. They both really put what is important into perspective. And make letting go of things much easier.

As far as where to physically start your declutter process. Check out my free printable which gives a room by room guide on how to purge your home of the extras. Start somewhere easy and small like bathrooms. Then kitchen. Then master. Then your kids’ spaces. Notice how you work from least emotionally invested spaces to the most sentimental. The more you purge, the easier time you have letting go. I saved the most overwhelming spaces for last, basement and garage.

Take your time. Go easy on yourself. It took years to accumulate so many things. In the end, any progress you make is just that, PROGRESS!

“Love people. And use things. Because the opposite never works.” 

-The Minimalists




  • Genevieve Artel

    Ahh! This makes sense why I find your pics so inviting and beautiful! I too just read (half so far) the “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and it’s already jump started my minimalism … still so much to learn and do, but I’m already “feeling” the effects of what I have tackled.

  • Eileen Cimermanic

    I read this blog post on Sunday night and felt inspired. I’ve been wanting to purge and organize and we have been off all week on soring break so, this was perfect. I moved three big totes and half a dozen smaller baskets of toys out of our toy room and into the basement to wait their turn in the new toy rotation. I did the same for the boys’ books. I continued by organizing and re folding everything in Chuck and Jords’ closet and my husband’s dresser, both hall closets, and our bathroom cabinets. I’m currently waiting for naptime to be over so we can run and get more baskets to finish up the kitchen and my closet. After that…the basement! I’m feeling more peaceful and joyful already.
    Thanks for the inspiration! Im enjoying your blog! Keep it up!

    • Amy Eilers

      That’s so awesome to hear!!! Sounds like you are on a solid push to getting your whole house covered! I’m so glad this post helped to inspire you on a simpler path. Thank you so much for the comment! 💚

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