Going Simple: Toy Organization and Decluttering

Week Four of The Going Simple Challenge, we declutter + toy organization.

Plus a FREE Printable to get you started!

Week four, TOYS! One of the most impactful weeks for a home with children. When we first decided to go simpler in our home, we were overrun with toys. Decluttering toys that had become unwanted and outgrown, and establishing functional toy organization are two great ways we will bring more peace (and joy!) into our home this week.

Decluttering toys and improving toy organization benefits our kids most.

Too many toys can be very overwhelming for a child. Does your child get easily overwhelmed in their toy space? Is tidying up after playtime always like pulling teeth? Do you walk into their toy storage and feel overwhelmed as the caretaker?

These are all signs that a toy declutter and toy organization session could benefit your home! Check out this post about toy overstimulation. And find simple tips to improve toy organization, storage, rotation and tidying for your home.

So let’s dive in!

8 Simple Steps to Declutter and Implement Toy Organization

1. Gather. Bring together ALL the toys, books and games from ALL the areas of your home.

2. Take A Photo. Once you have that heaping pile together, take a pic. Feel free to text to all toy contributors. 🙂

3. Sort. It’s easier to assess the mess when we break it down into categories.

  • BROKEN – anything broken and/or with missing pieces.
  • OVERSTIMULATING – flashy, noisy, junky, disliked, frustrating
  • OPEN ENDED – toys that add value + enrich our children’s lives
  • BOOKS – sort into Liked + Disliked: think stories with solid plot lines / purposes for keepers

4. Bag Up The Junk. Move BROKEN category to your recycling/garbage bins accordingly. Box up your OVERSTIMULATING and Disliked Books piles, place in vehicle for donation.

5. Pause. Admire the pile that’s left. You’ve made PROGRESS! Now you’re left with quality toys and books.

6. Choose Your Keepers. Pick your favorite toys/toy sets (start with how many you think your kid can independently tidy). Now pick your fave books (we keep out ~10 at a time). Place toys and book selections in easy to access storage for your child.

7. Now Choose A Few More. Choose additional keepers, aka toys that will add value to your home. Place these, along with the rest of your keeper books in easy access storage. These toys are used for rotation. Keep in mind your child’s current interests when selecting your keepers.

8. Set A Date. You are most likely left with additional quality toys. If you feel able to part with them, add to your donation box. If you are having a hard time parting, place remaining toys in storage. Set a calendar reminder to re-evaluate their necessity in 30 days. If a month goes by and you don’t miss them, let them go!

Note: Play Is Messy and Every Home is Different.

Remember when doing this week’s challenge, play is messy, but toys won’t last forever. It’s no secret that childhood is fleeting. So don’t stress about the mess. It’s but a moment in motherhood. Eventually the toys will be gone. Our relationship with our child is most important.

Different children, different needs. Period. As a mom of four I can tell you first hand how we organize toys for one child is not the same for our next. So do not be discouraged if suggestions made in this blog post don’t work in your home! All children are at different developmental ages, have different levels of attachment to toys, and have different developmental needs.

This is why I think this week, more than any other in the Going Simple challenge, the private Facebook community is going to be an amazing resource for those participating!

To join the private Facebook Group + Going Simple Challenge, click here!

Here’s a FREE Printable To Get You Started with Toy Organization + Decluttering

In this week’s free printable, you’ll find the method mentioned above in a simple and FREE printable for you to download and use! We have always used decluttering and toy organization method to successfully comb through our toys within our home.

No matter the level of toys we have when we repeat this purge pattern, we’ve been able to successfully rid ourselves of the chaos, narrow down to our keepers, and simplify our toy space.

The more often you review your toy collection (we do ours about once a quarter, or before birthdays and holidays), and the more you hold up to the “one in, one out” rule with toys, the easier the maintenance will be.

And always remember, YOU are the parent. YOU are the gatekeeper of your home!

I can’t wait to see all your progress this week!



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