Who says you can't have it all?

Finally, simple home management, meets bullet journal, meets planner. 

An interactive, simple, step by step guide to find balance between personal goals + tasks, family life and home management.

TAP. Finally an acronym that works to my favor. The Accountability Planner has been years in the making. Literally, each and every week for the last three years, I have written out the bones to my planner pages. 

Check boxes for my daily *must do* items: Soul Care, Daily Rhythms, Cleaning Rhythms and a few personal trackers. And each year, I get a new planner, and yet the bones to my week never change. 

This year I decided, what if I just created my own planner? 

Expanding on my most popular printables (meal planning and daily rhythms), and introducing a few new ones (goal tracking, monthly + weekly spreads, and dot grid), TAP was created. 

Combining the structure of a standard binder with the convenience of a digital download printable packet, The Accountability Planner was created. 

TAP includes the best of all three worlds. 

Binder System: Durability and Customization

Planner Format: Structure and Motivation

Dot Grid: Creativity and Freedom

I’m so excited to see how TAP grows with the ability to flex as I personally see fit throughout the year. 

The space to keep important paperwork, mail and documents securely in-sight, inside the binder pockets, until I have the time to address them. 

And the flexibility to have creative space within my daily spread, so I can doodle, track, or scribble verses and notes to my heart’s desire. 

But most of all, I think I’m excited to see how you TAP with your planner pack to make this system work for you!

Find balance with TAP.





Flow through The Accountability Planner Welcome Guide to set up your very own functional, personalized TAP Planner. 

Establish daily rhythms. 

Give grace during weekly home management. 

Build a simple meal plan. 

And be inspired to fill in some blank space with creative moments. 

  • TAP Guide (plus tips to set you up for success!)
  • Morning Rhythms Guide
  • Evening Rhythms Guide
  • Breakfast + Lunch Meal Planning Guide
  • Dinner Meal Planning Guide
  • Monthly Goal Worksheet
  • Monthly Spread
  • Weekly Spread
  • Blank Dot Grid Pages

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Or, use the Go Simple space in your weekly spread to designate one focus area to continue to simplify your home and life on your own!

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Choose your own binder or padfolio. Add dividers or pens, make your planner system work for you! 

Fresh year. Fresh planner outfit. Same planner insides.

A5 Printing Directions: 

•Insert pre-cut A5 paper into printer tray, adjust holders so paper is secure. 

Select File, Print 

•Select two sided printing 

•Paper Size: Select A5 (NOT A5 borderless), or custom size 5.83×8.27 inches 

•Select Scale To Fit, Print Entire Image 

•Then select OK/Print