Take the 2022 Phone Detox Challenge

There’s a reason you came to this blog post!

Maybe it’s because you feel like crap as you’ve succumbed to yet another doom scroll on social and it’s only 10 AM. 

Maybe it’s because you’re mortified of how many times a day you tell your kids to “just wait a second” while you prioritize what’s on your screen.

OR maybe it’s because you recognize your phone use is off balance and you want to create firm boundaries for a better lifestyle.

Whatever your reason, I’m glad you’re here! 

And PS… I’m guilty of all of the above too.

Take The 2022 Phone Detox

For 10 days we are saying goodbye to socials, see ya later to doom scrolls, and peace out to prioritizing our phone over real life.

And instead, we are saying hello to:

  • more family time
  • more self care
  • more personal hobby development
  • more relaxation and leisure time.
  • more stress free mornings.

OR at least less stress free mornings. 😉

Because during the period of September 20 – September 30, we are going to create phone boundaries for ourselves and put them to practice with a phone detox challenge!

What do you think?! Ready to join in? 

Sign Up Here!

Meet you in the challenge!


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