Going Simple: Storage Organization and Decluttering

Week Five of The Going Simple Challenge, we discuss storage organization and decluttering for the remaining spaces in your home, and how they can serve you best.

Are the things we store in the remaining areas of our home necessary? Once we start decluttering and reassessing the storage organization in our home, we uncover what we truly wanted our home to feel like all along.

Puzzles and board games live in the cabinetry storage organization spots in the living room. A caddy with library books sits nets to a cozy chair for easy to reach story time.
Using storage for how we want to live in our spaces is the best way to honor our family and our home. Puzzles and board games live in the cabinetry storage organization spots in the living room. A caddy with library books sits nets to a cozy chair for easy to reach story time.

Find Your Why before you start decluttering your storage spots!

The first thing you need to do is define what you want from each space. The coming days are yours to reshape and rediscover your home. This week you get to use these decision muscles you’ve been flexing to reassess not just the contents of our home, but also the feel of it. And we all deserve to feel good in our homes!

This week, reconsider what storage organization and decluttering can do for you in each space. Should the storage in your living room hold old clutter you never use? Or should you start keeping family games and puzzles there to encourage family connection?

Think about what you want your home to do for you. And this week, make it happen!

Make a list! What are the remaining rooms + spaces you need to tackle in this whole home declutter challenge?

Storage Organization: How to Declutter the Remaining Storage Spots

1. Make A List. Write down every remaining room/space in your home, based on its order of daily use.

2. Get To Work. In the coming days, start tackling your home, one space at a time. Reassess each random drawer, closet, shelf, wall and corner you encounter.

3. Keep It Simple. Make quick, purposeful decisions.

  • Does this item prove useful in my life today?
  • Does it make me happy?
  • Does it serve a definitive purpose?
  • Do I have this item because I love it and need it? Or because I’ve acquired it?

If you keep requirements simple, you may find a LOT of clutter can easily be let go. You’ll also start to notice patterns of indecision or failed purchase habits. Recognize these old habits, and take note to work on them moving forward.

GOING SIMPLE TIP :: Don’t know where to start? Walk into a room, face the door, and work your way around the room, clockwise, until you are finished.

Do you want a master bedroom to hold piles clutter and overwhelm? Or do you want a restful space to retreat to when you head to bed each night? Only you have the power to decide what storage organization looks like in the spaces of your home.

Make Decluttering a Habit With These Simple Tips!

Use these simple tips to start a maintenance declutter habit in your home! This is a great way to avoid a huge declutter project moving forward. Decide which rules work best for you, and start building the habit today!

If it takes less than a minute to do, then just do that thing! When you ignore small daily tidy tasks, they add up to overwhelming clutter quickly. So start NOW with this rule to keep the clutter at bay.

Build a Weekly Declutter Rhythm. Can you benefit from a weekly task like Throw It Thursday? Try tackling one clutter spot each week to maintenance declutter your home, and avoid the overwhelm.

One In, One Out. If you choose to bring a new item into your home, consciously choose one item that is ready to leave the space as well.

Get a box, give a box. A great way to continue the decluttering process is by filling up any boxes delivered to your home with donations, instead of just breaking them down for recycling.

You are the gatekeeper of your home. Just because something is given to you, does not mean it needs to stay with you. You choose what lives in your home and uses up your time + space. So choose wisely.

Time to Start Decluttering The Rest Of Your Home!

I want to thank you for joining me in this free whole home declutter challenge. This is your chance to start over. Start fresh. Be ruthless. Think about your end goal, your why. The freedom you’ll feel will make so many other aspects of life feel lighter, I promise!

Hearing and seeing how Going Simple has, and continues to better your family and personal life means so much to me. Keep me posted by tagging @houseofeilers on your social media shares!

And keep sharing your experiences with friends and family. Giving the gift of a simpler lifestyle is set first by example. And second by sharing your progress! Want someone to join you? Send them this post so they can sign up for The Going Simple Challenge too!

I honestly can’t wait for you to find a more purposeful version of you!


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Paper Clutter, be gone! To see how I utilize Google Drive in the management of everything paper in our home, click here!

Decluttering storage spots in your home.
A nightstand filled with clutter, or a nightstand that brings you joy and purpose as you head to bed each evening? YOU decide this week as you declutter the remaining storage spots of your home.
Would your children benefit from keeping every toy ever gifted to them? Or would they thrive in a clean, decluttered play space? You get to decide because you are the gatekeeper of your home!

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