Slow Down with Simple Soul Care Ideas

Plus a free printable for when you need to refuel!

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been putting myself majorly on the back burner. Filling ourselves up is the only way we are able to give back and serve others, as well as our home. So if we are running on empty, we aren’t going to get very far in our relationships or goals.

Enter, self care. 

If you’ve been here before, you probably know my take on the term self care. Long story short, I believe we need more than the commercialized version we know today. 

In searching out self care, we see these acts are often quick fixes, and sometimes meant to mask the work we really need to do on ourselves to get to a better place. 

Enter soul care. 

Nourishing ourselves, allowing room for rest, growth, productivity, and connection. All things our soul needs to not just survive, but to thrive. 

In order to be successful in the practice of soul care, we need to recognize the energy exchange of the task itself. Soul care is not just an unplugging from the busyness of life. But instead, soul care is us unplugging from that bussyness, and then plugging back in to recharge ourselves. 

So what are we plugging into?

This has been a huge wake up call for me, especially after 2020. With the curveballs of last year, I was choosing to numb out in mindless self care. You know the kind, it sucks your energy out, and doesn’t give you anything back in return. 

It’s that feel good in the moment self care, regret it later self care.

Not the best for our physical, mental or emotional health.

Well, this week I decided to do what I do best. I made a plan. I mentioned in the Self Care episode of #MomChatMonday how I keep a running list of simple soul care ideas in the back of my planner. So helpful for when my head is spinning and I recognize I need a personal regroup. 

I took that scribbled list of my favorite healthy forms of soul care and paired it with some awesome suggestions from you guys. For today’s post, I put together this fun, simple + free printable this week of Simple Soul Care Ideas!

(And yes, that’s Patty Pothos, turned into some digital artwork for today’s Soul Care printable too!)


Having a place to turn to when we feel life starting to spin out of control is a great way to ground ourselves. This simple Soul Care Ideas List is a plan of attack you can keep in your back pocket (or the back of your planner) for when you need it most.

And because all of our lives and personal needs are so different, I printed this list on some simple TAP Dot Grid, and left a little blank space so you too can add your favorite ways to soul care to the list! 

I’m so excited to bring this simple free printable to you today. I hope it brings you so much joy and peace on more chaotic days. 


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