So this is the mom life…

[originally posted April 21, 2015]


I said I would never be this mom. I said I’d always be able to keep my shit together. Look presentable in public, keep a clean home, have a healthy and happy child. Well, insert foot in mouth and start a blog because this life is too funny some days to keep all to myself.

Today I forgot to put a mug under the Keurig, I hit brew, and I walked away. Back I came to coffee brewing into the abyss of nothing. Old faithful “Pardon My French” mug was luckily within reach so I was able to save the last few drops of coffee. But I cut it as a loss in the end.
Let’s be real here, let’s not paint an impossible standard to hold. Let’s call BS on the whole thing and say that some days… this is what motherhood looks like.
It looks like two day old yoga pants. It looks like messy hair. It looks like what the hell IS THAT on my shirt? It looks like a sink of dirty dishes, and three loads of laundry to fold. It looks like I’ve stopped wiping up the snot and drool and everything else off myself because at this point, does it really even matter? It looks like a Keurig brewing coffee with no cup to catch it in.
And it looks like, let’s be real here, the only thing getting me through this day is having a convo with the big man upstairs, who brings me back to my feet, for one more rock to sleep, one more wipe of the nose, one more diaper change, one more feeding. Because sometimes He is your saving grace in motherhood. So today, let’s forget about painting a pretty picture for our followers and call it like it is. Today, this is my motherhood.

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