Simplicity Services offer the ability to work together virtually in your home to conquer your spaces and goals.

Feel empowered.

Make confident choices.

Control your things.

Choose which Simpliciy Service works best for you!

Then, get to work.

Work one on one with Amy, virtually, in a way that best suits your unique lifestyle and make lasting change in your home.

Does your kitchen need a head to toe overhaul? Maybe your master bedroom has evolved into a dumping ground for indecision. Grab a Simplicity Consultation today! 

Work with Amy to receive personalized assistance with the contents and organization of your space. Consultation services are made to help you minimize your belongings, and create functional organization. 

These bite sized consultations are offered one space or room at a time!


Are multiple areas of your home feeling overwhelming? Maybe it’s hard to pinpoint the exact areas of frustration? But you know something needs to change.

The coaching experience is designed to tackle multiple areas of your home. Simplify your things + create functional organization.

Then dive deeper!

Through coaching sessions, you will also work with Amy to establish personalized rhythms, habits and lasting behaviors to keep your home in check. 

Let the beauty of your home take center stage. Not your things.

Is your house hitting the market and not sure where to start with all of your possessions?

Maybe you just need a new perspective on your space for a quick refresh!

Set up a virtual Simplicity Staging session today and receive some quick tips to make a big visual impact in your home. 

Progress takes place outside of the comfort zone.

It’s okay to be comfy, until it’s not.

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In 2018 I found myself drowning in the chaos of my belongings. Motherhood and life were screaming for my attention. Simply put, I was forced to choose. I decided in that moment to choose to live my life. Instead of letting my things control me.

In the process, I let go of so many feelings. Overwhelm. Shame. Grief. I let go of it all. And I gained freedom.

Addressing years and years of indecision was liberating. I learned so many things about myself in those weeks as I cleansed our home of the clutter.

I am capable of making tough decisions.
I am strong enough to maintain a healthy relationship with things.
I am not defined by my past mistakes.
I am more loved by people than any one item will ever give to me.

This is my season to help you grow. If you are ready to go simple with stuff, so life can take center stage, then let’s chat!

Simply fill out the form below and let’s get to work! I can’t wait to see what you are capable of.