Our Social Responsibility

Here are some steps we are taking to make sure we are doing OUR part in all of the recent changes.

Choosing social responsibility

We are social distancing. I realize the privilege I have as I was already a stay at home mom, which makes this decision a lot easier. However, we are now practicing social distancing for the foreseeable future.

What does this mean? We will be keeping our children home from school, effective immediately (even though our schools are still open). We have also cancelled our attendance to all birthday parties, social events, and play dates. That even means no more outdoor playtime with the neighborhood kids. Does that stink? Yep. You bet! We are still loving the outdoors, just only as a family unit.

For a great illustration on what social distancing can do, check out this article from The Washington Post.

Whether our local government is enforcing social distancing or not is irrelevant. We can still do our part in slowing the spread by lessening contact with others in the coming weeks.

We are practicing healthy hygiene. My husband will still be going to work because, well, he has to. But practicing safe hygiene while at work and at home is essential.

For credible resources,
check the World Health Organization Hub here.

We are prepared. In the name of social distancing, we have stocked our home with two weeks worth of goods. We did not hoard or bulk stock months worth of supplies. We want to do our part in ensuring our community has the resources it needs in the coming days and weeks, and that means leaving some goods on the shelf for others.

We are spreading the good. We are refusing to engage in either conversations or social media posts containing here-say, conspiracy theories, rumors and negative hype. This means we are putting less negative energy out there. Instead we are focusing on the good. To do your part, I encourage you to share a positive story or image with the hashtag #tellmesomethinggood to help spread positivity in the coming weeks!

You are responsible for spreading happiness.

You are also responsible for spreading fear, anger and anxiety!

So please consider, and reconsider, the interactions you have both in person and online in the coming weeks. Your positivity matters!

This week I’ll have some posts up with tips I’m using to keep myself, our kids (and our home) grounded during all the changes. And hopefully they’ll help you too!



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