Old Pine, Seasons + Soulmates

Our love story often doesn’t feel like one for the books. Our daily grind is beyond normal and basic and blend-able. 

But something about those two glasses of wine on our very rare date nights always gets me sappy. And something about the drive home, where you play a song I’ve never heard that catches my mood like a dagger to the heart. I swear you bank these songs just trying to make me cry. 

As we chatted tonight about life and work and people, our origin story was brought up. 

And that magical mix of pinot noir, reminiscing, and tonight’s track,”Old Pine,” reminds me just how epic our love story actually is. And just how purposefully God placed you into my life, before I ever even knew we were meant to be. 

I’ve come to know that memories
Were the best things you ever had

Ben Howard

Eleven years ago, you were woven into my story, and mine in yours. Even if it was a fleeting moment as a waiter at a restaurant.

Ten years ago, we met again. At a job you told me tonight you didn’t even get the first time. It was only because the first choice failed his background check that you ended up at that job. A near miss, and yet you were there. You claim to have told your coworker that you would date me one day. I remember our first conversation. Pandora, Dave Matthews Band and O.A.R. over smartphone setup.

But that was it. Time went on. 

Nine years ago, two more smartphones, and many trouble shooting sessions with you, our connection grew.

Time passed, as did our relationships with others. 

Eight years ago, and finally, you intentionally approached me, and our story truly began.


After dozens of near misses, lost opportunities, and simple intersections, our story finally started. 

The rest is history. 

And I was all like asdlkfnaosidfnsdifns. Literally. And figuratively.

Man. For some, this may be the lamest story ever. But for me it’s everything. How many times did God need to place us right in front of each other, for us to realize we were supposed to be together? 

At least a dozen, apparently.

We stood
Steady as the stars in the woods

Ben Howard

So many days our marriage carries on, and we live this simple life. But last night, our convo, that song, and this realization. I know we are just dots filling spaces on a map; but man, in our own little world, our love story is so much more. So much bigger, than I ever realized it to be. 

I used to think, until tonight, there was no such thing as a soulmate. I firmly and deeply believed that you found someone in the same season, also ready to settle down. Both capable of loving, respecting and coexisting with the other. I believed, and still do, that love is a choice we make daily.

But man, after tonight, and after realizing the strength of God’s Will in our marriage, I believe so strongly and so deeply that this is it. Soulmates are real. And you are mine. 

These are the moments of our marriage that I love. When you can queue up an abstract song on a quiet drive, reading me like a book, and make me fall in love with you all over again. 

You are the father of my babies. You are my husband. My partner. My best friend.

But above all else, You are my God given soulmate.

I love you so much Eric. I will join you to the ends of the Earth for the rest of our days.

Thank you for this life, for the patience in our story. For allowing time to do it’s job. And for FINALLY making that first move.

xoxo, always.


We stood
Steady as the stars in the woods
So happy-hearted
And the warmth rang true inside these bones
As the old pine fell we sang
Just to bless the morning
We grow, grow, steady as the morning
We grow, grow, older still
We grow, grow, happy as a new dawn
We grow, grow, older still
We grow, grow, steady as the flowers
We grow, grow, older still
We grow, grow, happy as a new dawn
We grow, grow, older still

Ben Howard

P.S. I’m counting this as your Christmas Present, BTW. 

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