What a great way to end this series. I’ve been thinking about while I’m reconnecting now, the guilt of having drifted for such a long season. A LONG season. I’d touch base here and there but I’d lost consistency, the borders got fuzzy, you know.

But today, today’s reminder that God’s borders never get fuzzy.

What a doozy.

I mean, I’ve known this, but something about reading it this morning kind of sweeps away the guilt I’ve been feeling and gives me courage to move forward in this direction I’m headed.

He’s always been there. Molding me. Nudging me. Encouraging me. Listening to me. His will has always been in place. Even when I lost sight of it.

Just the simple reminder that all the time I’ve spent veered off the path, he’s always been there. Loving me anyway. Loving me through every bad choice, every mistake, every weak moment.

And he’s loving you too.



Devotional Series: #nomoreperfectmoms by YouVersion, click here.

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