My Newfound Mom Skills

Four years in to motherhood, and I now realize I’ve learned a thing or two. Besides the fact that I should never say never (I was taught that lesson real quick!), there are a few other unexpected mom skills I’ve picked up along the way. How many can you relate to?

Fancy Footwork – I can now kick a toy down the hallway and make it into the appropriate door. On the first try. Every time.

Herding – I’m a professional child herder. Whether it’s clicks with my tongue or joyous sing song phrases, I can herd and corral children like the best of the Wild West. Said skills may have earned me a glare or two in public, but I’d rather herd them than leash or lose them!

Professional Hummer –  I never hummed before kids. Now I hum day and night. Regardless if there’s a child in my presence. It’s now my husband’s most dreaded wifey-habit. And honestly, I think I’ve developed the trait as a means for survival. My humming drowns out the constant noise. Noise. NOISE.

Creative Meal Prep – I’m like the Gordon Ramsey of pantry scraps. Oh it’s dinner time? No worries, I can whip up a piece of gourmet peanut butter toast garnished with cinnamon and raisins that tastes like it came from a five star restaurant in about 30 seconds flat. Bonus points for sneaking the butt piece of the bread to a kid without them noticing (tip: smear the peanut butter on the crust side, they’ll never know).

More Fancy Footwork – I know I said this one already. But really. My feet are so skilled it’s freaking amazing. Beckham ain’t got nothing on my ability to flip and kick a throw pillow back up on to the couch.

Professional Fort Builder –  I hate forts. There, I said it. I hate forts so much that I’ve developed a fool proof way to build one with little effort, and a lot of structural integrity. Two words: Fitted. Sheets. Use fitted sheets and you won’t be bothered to fix the walls that Continuously. Fall. Down. UGH. I’m getting mad just thinking about forts.

Tell me your mom skills in the comments!



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