Moving: Helping Babies and Tots Adjust

As some of you know we recently took a leap of faith and relocated our little family three hours away from every comfort I’ve ever known.


Did I mention I was 30 weeks PREGNANT at the time of said move?


Did I also mention my husband was already living at our new home base the weeks leading up to said move?

So much fun! :-|

But, we survived it! We are settled in and adjusted and back to our routine and I can honestly say one month in, we (I think at least) are so much happier now that we are together and focused more on our core goals as a family unit.

I have another post coming soon with all the tricks and lessons learned on moving with tots and babes! But for now I wanted to share this quick post with you.

I recently stumbled on this article by The Military Wife and Mom. And I totally loved it. These are most of the values hubby and I focus on as parents. And while I’m not saying we are perfect by any means, we are far faaaarrrr from it, our kids had such a smooth transition during our move. Better than I could have ever hoped for. I truly believe it’s because we stuck to these core values every day with our kids.

I totally recommend you check this short article out. It has great points for raising well adjusted kids!

In the meantime… here’s a pic of my Thursday morning coffee view. Can we just appreciate frothed almond milk for a second?!

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