Meet Amy

Hello! So glad you stopped by. I’m Amy, a writer, creator, micro-influencer, and ally in motherhood, womanhood and life in general.

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A bit about Amy!

I’m a labelless woman living in a label filled world. But you could say I am a female, wife, mother, daughter, friend, accomplice, babywearer, anti-minimalist minimalist (can we make that a thing?!), fake plant mama, wannabe book worm, organizer, breastfeeder / milk maker, amateur DIY-er, in-theory neat-freak, reality TV aficionado, and plenty more.

I’m a creative, and I love great design and inspo. Beautiful, simple homes make me happy. Ours is full of repurposed hand me down’s and DIY’s!

I love creating a community where women from all walks of life and motherhood can unite, support, and seek friendship. My goal is to always be an ally in motherhood and womanhood. Founding the social media movements #unfilteredswipe and #goingsimplechallenge have been such a joy!

So cheers, and welcome to this space!