MARRIAGE :: 7 day social media challenge

OKAYYYY MY PEOPLEEEEE … we are doing this! Starting next week, January 27th, I’ll be cohosting a no screen + social media challenge! Make this challenge what you want! For our home, we’ll be deleting social media apps and going dark for seven days!

Super special thank you to Stephanie at 500 Seconds to Joy for being the ultimate brains behind these challenges! She’s so amazing!

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I’m so excited for what this will for our phone addictions (I hate to use that word but it’s 2020 and well… the truth). But not just that, I think I’m even more excited to see what this does for our marriage! One of the things we bicker about most is probably the phone thing.

“You’re always on your phone.”

“I’m only on mine because you were on yours.”

Sound familiar? I swear, it’s the modern day version of the chicken or the egg.

BUT, good news is we don’t have to stay this way! We can set boundaries, we can evolve, we can BE BETTER. For ourselves. For our marriage. And for our families!

So what do I plan to do with all this extra time now that I won’t be tempted by the black hole of social media next week? Well, love on my family. CONNECT WITH MY HUSBAND. Maybe I’ll finally dust the ceiling fan. Maybe. And read. Reading for me is one of the best ways to fill my hands when I’m avoiding my screen. So to get prepped for the challenge, we’ve purchase a few books, and are loaning some others from our library. This way we are fully stocked for the coming week and ready to dive in to a life with more. Or less. 🙂

I’m so excited for this challenge, mostly because I know I need it. And I know my family deserves it! So will you join us?!



If you’re looking for book recommendations, here’s our personal reading list for the coming week. (Thank you to those who recommended awesome books you’ve previously read!)

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For favorites I’ve previously read and would recommend, check out my favorite books list here!

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