Going Simple: Kitchen Organization and Decluttering

Week Two of The Going Simple Challenge, we declutter + kitchen organization.

Imagine walking in to your kitchen, the space is clean. You can find exactly what you need, and you know exactly where to put it when you’re done. With some fast decluttering decision making and a little strategic kitchen organization, this is possible for you!

Let’s Go Simple: Decluttering and Kitchen Organization

Here are four simple tips to clear your kitchen of excess, and focus on what we seek most: decluttered kitchen organization.

1. Start with a clean slate.

Kitchen organization and decluttering is easiest when we can assess contents with a reset space. So unload that dishwasher and empty that sink!

2. Be honest with yourself.

Find your weak spots. Do you need four crock pots? Or 30 coffee mugs? Or do you have them simply because you’ve acquired them? Keep the items you use and love. Let the rest go.

Remember that each home and family has different needs. There is no magic number of items to own.

3. Ditch the trouble makers.

Generally, there are two main clutter bugs in kitchens: kids stuff and promotional freebies. To learn more about how we ditched the meal time drama (and simplified our kids clutter in the kitchen) check this blog post: 5 Tips For Less Mealtime Drama.

4. Categorize to organize.

You are busy, you have kids at your feet 24/7, you are balancing a career, a calendar, a life. And a kitchen is a BIG space! You don’t have time to empty all your cupboards out and reset your space at once. I see you. And I’m here for you. Here’s how you do it!

  • Pull everything out for one category at a time.
  • Return your keepers.
  • Assess what’s left.
  • Make decisions, then act on them immediately.
  • Then, repeat.

Going Simple Tip! Progress beats perfection every time. If the task feels too big, break it down and take decluttering in bite sized increments.

My Favorite Kitchen Organization Tips

Here are some tips to keep your kitchen simple and clean.

Organize with intention. Rethink the layout of all existing kitchen storage. As you return items to cupboards and shelves, ask yourself “is this the best spot for these items?” Suggested Storage Spots:

  • Sink Zone: daily dishes, cutlery, drink ware, cleaning tools.
  • Cooking Zone: spices, large utensils, hot pads, pots, pans.
  • Prep & Bake Zone: bakeware, prep tools, pantry items, food storage.

Be creative with storage. Kitchen organization doesn’t have to be limited to the kitchen if space is tight. Occasional items like bulky appliances, holiday bakeware/serveware, etc. can be stored in off site locations such as basement, garage, guest bedroom closet, etc.

Assess the visual noise in your space. The more visual noise, the more mental clutter. Think excess decor, paper clutter, unnecessary items stored on counters. What busyness can you remove to lessen visual noise, and in turn create a more peaceful kitchen space?

Going Simple Tip! Designate one quality water bottle and travel thermos per family member. Not only does this cut down on cupboard clutter, but it saves on daily dishes to wash too!

To see our fave water bottles + thermos recommendations, click here.

I just want to remind you that even during this challenge and your continued progress, always focus on real life priorities first! Our family life, our personal goals and filling our own cups with a dash of real life self care throughout the week should always come first.

I’m so excited to see the progress everyone makes. Don’t forget to tag me in your Before and After pics on Instagram. And don’t be afraid to share your progress and your struggles in our Going Simple Facebook Community! You never know who may need to hear the message you have to share.


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