RECIPE :: Bacon Meatloaf + Mashed Cauliflower

Tonight’s dinner was AMAZEBALLS. Low carb, so delish, and zero bloat afterward. As I typed this I told my husband that I feel like I could go for a hike right now. It’s so crazy how much energy and how little bloat we both have since starting a more Keto friendly diet!

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Image || Low Carb Maven

This awesome loaded low carb cauliflower dish is from Low Carb Maven and is SO GOOD.

For original loaded cauliflower recipe from Low Carb Maven, click here

Just like she said in her post, our kids hate mashed potatoes but scarfed this down! It was so good I honestly prefer it to mashed potatoes and will definitely be a new staple recipe in our home!

Because I paired it with a bacon meatloaf, I skipped the bacon toppings this time, but next time we might not! 😍


And tonight I paired it with this bacon wrapped cheese stuffed meatloaf, and it was great! I subbed out the jalopenos for green peppers and celery (what I had on hand), and opted for just sour cream in the stuffing.

For the original recipe from KETOVALE, click here.

Her directions on weaving the bacon made it super easy to accomplish, but I definitely struggled with the rolling part, most of my stuffing was lost in the bottom of the pan, but it was still amazing either way.

I paired both these dishes with some spinach tossed in Primal Kitchen’s Green Goddess Avocado Oil, and a dash of black pepper and Himalayan pink salt for a veggie boost, and we had an amazing, well rounded dinner!

And if you’re anything like me, meatloaf just isn’t the same without a little BBQ sauce. Which can be a major challenge going Keto (hello sugar overload!!!). But for real, I seriously doubted if their BBQ sauce would be any good, but guys! It is so legit, it doesn’t even have me missing the tradition stuff. So if you’re a BBQ loving keto seeking gal like myself, this Primal Kitchen Classic BBQ Sauce is a must have for your pantry.

Hope you guys enjoy these awesome low carb recipes as much as we did!



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