Run-On Sentences and Mom Chores

It’s the Holy Grail of the week. Older little is at school. Littler little is napping. Husband at work. Time for my mom chores. But what task gets first dibs?


There’s something about the mid morning sunlight streaming in with a silent home that just says “GET UP AND DO YOUR MOM CHORES!!!”


Right now via my to do list, I’m supposed to…

  • work part time
  • hustle a side job part time
  • help with homework part time
  • mom full time
  • clean full time
  • cook full-ish time
  • nourish my spiritual relationship full time
  • work out SOME time
  • grocery shop and meal plan all of the time
  • self care once upon a time
  • be a friend since when was the last time
  • Who even knows what else I should be doing with this precious time?

Where am I supposed to find all this time?

I’m pulled between all of these avenues and my hands are in so many pots that my head is spinning and I’m half the mom I want to be and I just realized I didn’t even put WIFE on this list.

Sorry, husband.

My life has become one horribly nightmarish run-on sentence.

Everyone is being neglected and here I am exhausted and I’m so overwhelmed with which way to turn that I just sit and don’t even know where to go next.

Tell me I’m not the only one doing this? I know my time is valuable and my priorities are so beyond jacked up. I’m trying to get it all right and make everyone happy but I think the most important people are being left in the dust.

I’m not sure if I’m looking for answers or pity or even just an Amen Sister! Maybe I’m looking for all of the above. I guess I just really am looking for a deep breath and a minute to regain my footing so I can be me again. See my kids happy. Catch up on all the little moments I’m missing and love my husband again.

In all of this craziness in my head, I did manage to get the laundry from four days ago folded, and threw a new load in. Only to discover a two day old load in the dryer that never fully dried and smells something musty and fierce that will also now need to be washed again. Le sigh.

Sisters of motherhood. Let us all agree that this massive run-on sentence of a post will provide some grace today. I’m sure most of us could use it.

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