Updating the Big Girls’ Room with New Bedding

If you live anywhere with internet + you’re a mom = you’ve probably heard of Beddy’s Bedding.

It feels like they’re everywhere. Many (almost all) big bloggers have and recommend them! They’re highly reviewed as “The bed that makes itself!” and claim to be the solution to a multitude of problems with kid’s bedding. Especially when it comes to unkempt messy beds that never get made + a stellar solution for hard to make bunk beds!

Beddy’s or not, this is one of my favorite tips for making bunk beds!

Long story short… I tagged Beddy’s in an IG stories the other week while sharing a few bunk bed making tips, because some of you have shared with me that you have + love them! Afterward, I connected with Beddy’s in DM’s and secured a potential partnership with them. I’ll be honest, I was a bit apprehensive to partner up. Often times when a company has that many rave reviews from big accounts on social media, it doesn’t always mean they’re the best product out there. It can sometimes mean they just have a large marketing budget!

But because I’ve heard from a bunch of you that you have and actually love them, I figured I would give it a shot. If anything this would be a great opportunity to bring you an honest review!

How Brand Partnerships Work

What I bring to this space is very dear to me. I will only share and recommend something if I use it personally, if we genuinely love it, and if I feel comfortable recommending it to you, knowing you very well could put your hard earned cash toward a purchase.

AKA … does it work as they say it should?

We are super frugal, cautious consumers in this house, we research thoroughly to the depths of the internet (I wish I was joking) before we make large purchases, and simply put, Beddy’s aren’t cheap!


In exchange for gifting us two Beddy’s + Accessory sets, I am obligated via this partnership to share a set of posts to my social media channels. They also provided their affiliate linking program to me as an opportunity to earn in exchange for referred sales.

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company pays others (e.g., bloggers) to advertise their products and services and generate sales. Learn more about affiliate linking, and read disclosure policies here.

If you plan to purchase Beddy’s, you can use this link as a way to let Beddy’s know you heard from me! Affiliate earnings are one way I keep this blog published, and keep my printable shop open for all those awesome free downloads for you!

I share all that because nothing in this gifted or affiliate exchange required today’s blog post. But because I’ve only seen these crazy positive rave reviews about Beddy’s, and every blog post I read only shared positive traits of Beddy’s, I’m taking it upon myself to write a thorough, sincere review of them.

Because I am a realistic consumer and I know that NO product is perfect.

And no product on this planet is one-size-fits-all!

Our Personal Experience With Beddy’s

We have spent the last week+ with Beddy’s on our big kids’ two beds. Here are my honest and sincere thoughts.

So far… we love them!

Essentially it’s a fitted comforter. The set is made up of a comforter and flat sheet which have been sewn together. This single piece zips onto a fitted sheet/comforter piece. Kind of a genius design.

Each Beddy’s set also comes with one coordinating pillow case and one decorative sham.

Bottom side of mattress with a Beddy’s set on.

So when you “make the bed” after washing, all you do is putting on a fitted sheet. No tucking, etc, which is awesome for bunks for sure. 

What We Love About Beddy’s

A Tidier Space The girls room just LOOKS cleaner, probably bc the sheets are pulled tight via being zipped. This means there’s no comforter shifting in the following days.

Easier Bed Making The kids are eager to make their beds because it is just easier. A fun zip and it’s done! The five year old had a hard time at first because the zipper is more heavy duty, but she’s doing really good with it now. 

Better Bottom Bunk Experience As a bottom bunk sleeper as a child, I really appreciate how much this improves the bottom bunk experience. There’s no longer a comforter edges hanging down under the top mattress through the bed slats. I wasn’t expecting to love this part at all but it really makes a difference, both for the bottom bunk sleeper, and for the general aesthetic of the room.

Fabric Choices Beddy’s comes in both a minky interior, or a 100% cotton sheet interior. We skipped the minky fabric and went with 100% cotton. Just seemed more breathable to flex with the changing seasons in Wisconsin. We also have kiddos with eczema, so the minky (polyester) is not recommended for them!  

Grow With Me Design As a mom to four girls, I sincerely appreciate the timeless design of the Beddy’s sets. The girls both wanted Vintage Blush which was fine with me! And they were able to pick individual accessory packs to give each bed their own personal flair. I love that as they age, we can easily swap out the bed accessories (throw pillows + blankets) for something that fits their ever changing personality, and we will be able to keep the Beddy’s set in use through the years.

Other Thoughts…

I will preface this with the fact that I am a weirdo that often reads the FAQ page of products before making large purchases. I do realize not everyone does this. So welcome my favorite section of this blog post which we will call…

Being An Educated Consumer: a few things to know before purchasing Beddy’s

Not Recommended for Bed Wetters One of the biggest complaints I heard was how much of a pain they are to wash, especially for bed wetters. I would not recommend unless kids are fully potty trained, because they are bulkier to wash (like a comforter). And to be fair their website says the same.

Washing Beddy’s When washing, it’s the equivalent of washing a comforter. Because, essentially, it is a comforter. So think about how your washer responds to washing any comforter or similar bulky item in your home. That is about how it will handle washing a Beddy’s. We have a front loader, so we don’t have much of an issue with washing them. I followed the directions (see below) and everything went really well!

Mattress Fit Our girls’ mattresses are 6″ due to our bunk bed’s specific safety requirements. and I will say the Beddy’s do fit a bit looser. Because we have shallow mattresses I was kind of expecting this to happen, as our previous standard bedding also fit loosely.

Comforter Fit Depending on each child’s sensory needs + stimulators, Beddy’s can be a hit or miss. Our personal experience:

One child sleeps fully zipped in. She is very particular about bedding, and the first night she got a bit stressed in ‘figuring out how to sleep inside the covers.’ She decided she wanted them zipped fully, like a sleeping bag, and has since kept it this way. She loves the snug fit and says she sleeps so well now, so for her, the bedding has been an improvement in her bed’s sleepability.

One child leaves hers partially zipped as she likes a loose fit comforter. She loves how snuggly they are!

About That Zipper + Comfort To credit the design, they did create the ‘comfort panel’ which extends the flat sheet layer to intentionally cover up the zipper so it doesn’t touch during wear.

I have asked the girls every morning for the first week if the zipper bothered them and both said not at all, they hadn’t even felt it. The loose cover sleeper said she hears it unzip sometimes during the night, which scared her at first, until she remembered her bedding had a zipper.

I think that’s it! Whew! It was a long one but I’m so happy I was able to fully review this hot topic item for you guys! So far we genuinely love ours and a lot of other moms in the community do to!

Planning to purchase?

It is so important to me to fully review these items, especially when they include a bit of an investment to own. If you have any other questions feel free to ask and I’d be glad to give my honest opinion!

If you do decide to purchase, I have an affiliate link here! This link tells Beddy’s you were sent over from me, and in return they send me a monetary kickback (at no extra cost to you of course!). I am so thankful when you use these affiliate links as it keeps this blog published and running! So if you use the link, THANK YOU!!!

Code HOUSEOFEILERS gets 15% off currently, not sure if it’s stackable or not. 

And you can use code HOLIDAYBOGO to buy one item and get the second item 50% off (equal or lesser value) anything on the Beddy’s site. Sale excludes gift cards and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Code HOLIDAYBOGO currently ends this Saturday, November 20th 2021 at 11:59 PM MST. 



  • Janine

    Hi there,

    I’m wondering if you’ve found the all cotton to soften over time? I recently ordered all cotton but was worried it wasn’t soft enough. I was considering minky but then I read your good point about eczema and polyester and am considering cotton again. Thanks!

    • amyeilers

      Yes, we thought it was pretty soft right out of the gate, but with further washing it has softened up. Our girls haven’t had complains about it either, they both still love their Beddy’s and I think we are anout 1.5 years in!

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