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Week four, TOYS! One of the most impactful weeks in a home with children. When we first decided to go simpler in our home, we were overrun with toys.

The first Christmas after Going Simple, we were gifted over 50 toys between from family. I don’t know about you, but our home cannot hold 50 toys, let alone 50 new sets on top of the toys we already own.

Since going simple, we’ve requested family give intentionally. We recommend gifts that fall into the following categories: edible treats, experiences, arts and craft supplies (perishable!), and toys with intention and purpose.

Did you know most plastic toys are not made of recyclable material and will end up in a landfill? (Huff Post)

Not to mention the level of overwhelm a child feels in a space overflowing with toys. Learning about toy + overstimulation was a huge eye opener for me. So many things about today’s ‘normal’ childhood are stealing our kids’ opportunities to flourish.

Long story short, I noticed in our own home less toys meant better play.

Every home with children has different needs, are at different developmental ages, have different levels of attachment to toys, etc. So I think this week, more than any other in the Going Simple challenge, the private Facebook community is going to be an amazing resource for those participating!

To join the private Facebook Group + Going Simple Challenge, click here!

In this week’s free printable, you’ll find the method we have always used to successfully comb through our toys within our home. No matter the level of toys we have when we repeat this purge pattern, we’ve been able to successfully rid ourselves of the chaos, narrow down to our keepers, and simplify our toy space.

For us, “one in, one out” is a great rule of thumb to maintain control over the toy chaos. With things like birthday’s and holiday’s, it sometimes is necessary to repeat the toy purge process.

The more often you review your current selection, and the more you hold up to the “one in, one out” rule with toys, the easier the maintenance will be.

And always remember, YOU are the parent. YOU are the gatekeeper of your home!

I can’t wait to see all your progress this week!



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