GOING SIMPLE :: WEEK 5 :: Storage

We’ve made it through bathrooms, kitchens, clothing and toys. But are you thinking, “Amy, there’s so many spaces left untouched in my home!”

Well… here’s the deal.

The rest, it’s just storage.

How to tackle storage spaces in your home.

This week, let’s really consider what we are keeping in the remaining areas of our home. Are the things we store actually necessary? Are they truly purposeful to our daily lives?

Once we take a hard look at the rest of our spaces we realize a lot of it we don’t actually need after all. These spaces might even be large sources of frustration. This week is the time to finally realize we never needed them in the first place.

Step One: Write it down.

So to get you through week five (and potentially a few weeks thereafter, as it may take you that long!), I want you first to jot down every room in your home, based on its order of daily purpose.

And this is your to do list for week five.

My List of Remaining Spaces:

  • Dining Room
  • Master Bedroom
  • Laundry
  • Living Room
  • Guest Bedroom + Office
  • Keepsakes
  • Garage
  • Basement

Step Two: Get to work!

In the coming week (or two), tackle one space at a time. Tackle each random drawer, closet, shelf and corner you encounter. And as you go into each space, make quick, purposeful decisions.

GOING SIMPLE TIP :: Don’t know where to start? Walk into a room, face the door, and work your way around the room, clockwise, until you are finished.

Step Three: Keep it simple.

Does this item prove useful in my life today?

Does it make me happy?

Does it serve a definitive purpose?

If you keep requirements simple, you may find a LOT of what you’re holding on to doesn’t need to be held on to after all.

You’ll start to notice patterns of indecision you’ve repeated time and time again. For me, sorting through these spaces I realized I hang on to a lot of decorative items that no longer bring me joy. Let them go.

Paper Clutter, be gone! To see how I utilize Google Drive in the management of everything paper in our home, click here!

My areas of weakness?

  • Decor
  • Gifts
  • Unfinished Projects
  • Small Tasks

I realized a lot of really simple tasks get left untouched, and lead to clutter. my new rule, if it takes less than a minute to do, then just do that thing!

Keep these behavioral patterns in mind as you move forward into your newer, simpler space + life.

You have the ability to stop the behaviors that got you here in the first place. And I think as you finish this process, you’ll start to make better choices for your home and family by default.

Sorting through past indecision creates a clear purpose for the choices of your future. And what a great new pattern to build upon!

Week Five :: KEEPSAKES :: Instastories HERE

You are the gatekeeper of your home!

This is your chance to start over. Start fresh. Be ruthless. Think about your end goal, your why. The freedom you’ll feel when ridding spaces indecision will make so many other aspects of your life feel lighter, I promise!

I cannot wait to see your progress in the coming weeks. Hearing how Going Simple has, and continues to, better your family and personal life means so much to me. I honestly can’t wait for you to find a more clear, simple, purposeful version of you! It’s all I’ve ever hoped for you, after all.

Keep me posted and continue to share your progress, struggles and support in our private Facebook community.



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