Going Simple with Daily Habits

Each year I love to end this challenge with a space of thought and intention. Also known as Week Six. The final week in the Going Simple Challenge.

The beginning of this challenge is all about our things. Simplifying, leaving, loving, and sometimes learning to re-love them.

But I don’t want to ditch you in a space where you are hyper focused on your things. That is not what life should be about.

Instead, let’s start learning to go deeper with life, and let our things be as they should.

Background music in our life.

This week, how we choose to live is taking center stage.

Welcome to the 2021 Week Six: going simple with life habits!

Last year for week six we tuned in to personal phone usage. Many of us found this final week was super impactful. Taking a dedicated break from phone use (not just social media) can be very eye opening.

This year, I want to open week six up to your personal needs. Maybe phone use isn’t an issue for you.

So I ask you this year, which daily habits would you love to nourish and grow in your own personal life?

Maybe it’s honing in on meal planning for your family so you can finally feel on top of the dreaded “what’s for dinner” train.

Or perhaps you finally want to focus on intentional after school time with your kids each day.

I know I could personally benefit from jump starting some habits to improve my physical health and make it a top priority again in my life.

Or maybe it’s something else entirely!

Whichever path you choose, this week is YOUR WEEK to start building that much needed habit!

So, what’s it going to be?

Whether it’s one simple habit like drinking more water, or maybe something a little more detailed like establishing daily rhythms, decide now, dedicate your next few weeks to it, and start taking steps forward into this new life of intentional living.

Here is my list of daily habits I want to focus on the next few weeks:

Water Intake. I’ve currently been getting less than 32 oz a day, if I exclude coffee and tea. Not. Good.

Soul Care. For me personally, meeting daily with my Savior sets my mind right, and saves me from many regretful moments.

Movement. I cannot wait for this one. More movement like my fave, yoga. Especially as we head into the indoor months here in Wisconsin. Reestablishing this habit with the changing of seasons is super important for me.

Eye Contact. This means less phone in hand when a family member walks into the room I’m in. It means more conversation, and less screen time. It means more authentic connection and less scroll time. Ways I’m doing that, coming later this week. 😉

Daily Planner. Meeting myself daily in my planner helps me to stay on track of daily rhythms like laundry, self care, house tasks, meal planning and more. Making this a top priority means I won’t fall too far behind when the unexpected life stuff hits. Because it is inevitable, life stuff will happen.

I popped them onto a simple wallpaper on my phone, so each time I get distracted by the unimportant, I’m reminded of where I actually want my time to be spent.

I’m so excited to hear from you and see what you choose to focus on! If you want a little lock screen reminder like I have above, you can download it here!

Some Ideas To Get You Started

Below are a few posts I’ve shared in the past to help you along the way. Lots of fun resources within these posts to help you out!

The Going Simple Challenge this year has truly been a pleasure. I’ve enjoyed so much hearing from so many of you on your successes in your home.


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