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Why are you here?

Maybe because you are a searcher too. Searching for 


Less clutter. Less chaos. Less distraction. Less anxiety. Less fear. Less overwhelm. Less burnout. 

Less noise. Not just audible noise. But visual noise, too. Emotional noise.Physical noise.

I’m wanting to build a community. A community of positivity. A community where we can build each other up. Where we can celebrate each other and lean on each other. Where we can really find what we are looking for. Where we can clear out some of that unnecessary noise and focus on the GOOD STUFF.

Find the support you need.

We are more likely to succeed with a community that has our backs. Join the private Facebook Community today!

Congratulations on finishing up your bathrooms in week one! I’m so excited we made it through our first space together. Imagine
It's here! Week One of the Going Simple Challenge: bathrooms. During this challenge we are going to focus on building
Hey guys! So glad you are joining me for another round of the Going Simple Challenge. This year, some things