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Laying in bed last night, I felt the strongest conviction. All these emotions came up. About where I started as a mom, and a wife. As a woman. And where I am now. So much work to do still. But I feel like I’m finally settling in to my jeans. You know? Like a really nice pair of jeans. Where they fit great, they’re breaking in in all the right places. And your confidence starts to get downright dangerous. If you’re an office fan, think Michael Scott in his jeans. Girl, that’s how I’m feeling about LIFE right now.

And it’s not that I came here to toot my own horn. NOT AT ALL. It’s because I felt last night, laying in bed, the strongest conviction to spread this feeling. To help other women get here.

And you could say minimalism got me here. But, ugh. I don’t know. That term. That term is such a LABEL. And I hate labels. I’m a plucker by nature. A little of this label, a little of that. Part of it is because my little conflicted heart just can’t commit to one thing. I need to sample IT ALL.

I love that about myself. And I think that’s partly why I hate the term minimalism. It sounds so rigid. So stern. So calculated. So cold. And while I know that’s not the case for ALL of minimalism, I don’t want others to feel off-put by these amazing changes just because of a silly label.

So why? Why am I here writing, and why are you here reading?

Maybe because you also are a searcher. Searching for less.

Less clutter. Less chaos. Less distraction. Less anxiety. Less fear. Less overwhelm. Less burnout. Less noise. When I say that I don’t just mean the audible. I mean the visual noise. The emotional noise. The physical noise. Sometimes when I lose my grasp on things I feel a bit like the Grinch. Noise NOISE NOISE! All THAT NOISE!

And through cutting out so much of that extra noise. I have found MORE.

More faith. More marriage positivity. More selfless parenting. More happiness. More calm. More rest. More sincerity. More grace. More compassion. More joy. More contentment. More happiness.

And I get it. That sounds like a lot to promise. And life still gets hard. I still struggle. I still cry. I still get anxious. But because I have cleared out so much noise, I can ground myself in those moments SO much more easily. And in the end, wasn’t that my goal all along?

So this is me, reaching out with a lot of faith, and a little bit of hope. Wanting to build a community. I’m wanting to build a community of positivity. A community where we can build each other up. Where we can celebrate each other and lean on each other. Where we can really find what we are looking for. Where we can clear out some of that unnecessary noise and focus on the GOOD STUFF.

Will you join me?

I’ve popped open a private Facebook group where we can meet, share, and join each other on this journey of Going Simple. Life is soooo complicated enough on it’s own. Why should we be adding to it unnecessarily? So meet me over there and let’s get started!

Starting next week, I’m going to do a sweep of our home, clearing out any clutter and excess that’s been blocking my view. I would love for you to join me there! Here’s a simple free printable to get you started. Each week we’ll hit up the next space. And slowly, together, we’ll make our way through our home!

And we’ll make sure to rest after each week of progress too. Because REST is essential to our wellbeing mamas.

I’m so excited to open up this community. And I can’t wait to see you there!



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