Going Simple In Our Bathrooms

It’s here! Week One of the Going Simple Challenge: bathrooms. During this challenge we are going to focus on building our decision making muscle.

We are also going to work on making progress.

But most importantly, we will work on slowing down to enjoy life.

So after you finish your bathroom tasks this week, you may be tempted to “jump ahead.” But I ask, instead let’s stop. Rest. Relax. And enjoy the progress we’ve made for just a bit.

Then, I promise, we will meet up next week for round two!

I so strongly encourage you do what works for you, if something I suggest doesn’t feel right, post about it in our private Facebook group, and you just might find a way that works better. Community is everything for me, so use our group as a sounding board. All of our minds work and process differently and I totally support that!

Let’s tackle the bathrooms!

Bathrooms are the perfect place to start as a lot of the decision making in this space is black and white. Expired. Old. Duplicate. All this leads us to an easy keep/toss/donate.

It’s also the smallest room, but one of the biggest results. We use our bathrooms EVERY DAY, multiple times a day. So let’s head into our bathrooms + Go Simple!

1. Empty your spaces.

Remove EVERYTHING from storage spots, and sort it out onto a flat surface.

TIP: laying towels out on the floor or a bed work great for an easy to clean up sorting space!

2. Next, sort through each category.

Sort like items together: nail care, hair care, make up, medicines, etc.

If I didn’t empty every drawer out and categorize like this my first time through our home, I never would have realized we owned six nail clippers. Oops!

Toss/recycle all expired, broken, items or items you no longer use.

3. Wipe It Down.

Once your whole space is emptied, give the storage areas (drawers, cabinets, shelves, bins and products) a quick wipe down.

4. Return Your Keepers

Put back items you use, need, love.

GOING SIMPLE TIP: When returning your keepers, create an Every Day Spot! Choose items you use “Every Day” and return them to your easiest to access storage spot (top vanity drawer, in a basket on an easy to reach shelf).

What to do with the leftovers.

This pile of leftovers was a HUGE eye opener for me my first round of Going Simple. Make up I had purchased but never used, hair care that cost a fortune but I just couldn’t get to work with my hair type, headbands, barrettes and clips that had the best of intentions but I was just too busy to ever figure out how to wear.

A lot of this pile was mistakes and wasted money.

And while it was a hard pill to swallow, it was a necessary one. Intentional spending clearly hadn’t been a skill set I had mastered yet. But it needed to become my new best friend.

In this moment, right here, is when we can realize our mistakes, own them, and choose to do better from here on out. We can choose to be intentional about our purchases, instead of impulsive.

Most, if not all of these items can be let go. Donate. Recycle. Toss.

Bathroom Tips

Here are some tips to keep your bathroom simple and clean.

Cleared Counters – By removing the excess from our bathroom storage spaces, we make room for essentials. Meaning clear counters for peace of mind. I actually had PLENTY of space to store and organize the items I intentionally chose to keep.

Convenient Cleaning – Hang a microfiber cloth or glove under your sink for simple wipe downs throughout the week.

Simple Tooth Brush Storage – Swap hard to clean holders for a simple cup or mason jar. Toss into the dishwasher to sanitize as needed. Peep more about this hack HERE.

Bath Mat Storage – After baths or showers, drape the mat over the edge of the tub, or on a hook. Why? It dries faster, it makes for a quicker vacuum when needed and the bathroom appears larger.

Backstock Bin – Overbuying BE GONE! QTips that won’t fit in the jar, bonus bottles of conditioner or toothpaste, opened package of disposable razors. Take all those extra bulk bathroom back stock items and place them in one bin for easy reference + retrieval. When you grab the last of any item from the backstock bin, add it to your grocery list for the next week! This tip helps corral the extra “stuff” that gets in the way, and also curbs unnecessary spending.

Good luck! So excited to see the progress this week in your home. Once you start functioning in your new and improved bathroom space, I truly hope you also realize the perks of being an intentional gatekeeper in your home!


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