Going Simple 2021: Setting boundaries and going easy on ourselves

Hey guys! So glad you are joining me for another round of the Going Simple Challenge. This year, some things will be the same! But some things will look a little different. Let’s chat about that quick.

It’s no mystery that the last few years we have been going through it. I think it would be silly of me to come onto your screens with the same energy that I have brought previous years. Because honestly, especially when it comes to social media, I don’t have it. And I’m guessing some of you are in the same boat.

So as we start the 2021 Going Simple Challenge, I think we should approach our phone use with a dedication to some predefined boundaries. The last thing I want this challenge to do is bring you further into your phones.

In fact, I’d prefer if this challenge brings us further OUT of our phones!

So this year, more than ever before, I want us to focus on how we are spending our time in this challenge. I’ll be showing up in your inbox each week, and a dash in IG stories. But other than that, I want us all to prioritize our families first.

I want us to meet ourselves where we are at, with nothing but acceptance, and a hope for progress and growth.

How the 2021 Going Simple Challenge Will Work

Sign up for the emails! If you haven’t yet, make sure you’ve signed up for the GSChallenge emails. Every Monday (as long as I have the email techie stuff figured out like I think I do!), you’ll get an email for me with a link to the task of the week.

Tackle Your Spaces! Get to work in your spaces. Whether you knock it all out in a day, or you take ten minutes each night after tucking the kids into bed. Make this challenge work for you!

Life First, Progress Second! Our goal in the GSC is to always, always prioritize our family and life over our things. So don’t let progress hinder your relationships. If your kids need you, if your partner needs you, set your project aside and always put them first!

Enjoy Your Spaces! After you tackle a room or space, I want you to enjoy it! Pick an activity you can do to soak up your success.

Celebrate With Others! Lastly, if and when you have time, you can hop on social and share with others! Community is a beautiful thing, and with the GSC, the more the merrier! Tag me in your stories and posts on IG with the username @houseofeilers. And join the private community over on Facebook and share your success so we can celebrate with you! Invite others to join you in the challenge.

What do you say, you in?


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