The Smallest Gift Guide of 2019

Here’s the deal friends. I could list off like 50 things that you should buy this holiday season. But I most certainly DO NOT want to contribute to unnecessary spending or clutter in your home! So here are the top FEW items we L-O-V-E and use every. single. day. We own every item on this list, in our home.

We have chosen to slowly invest in these larger, quality purchases because of how they contribute positively to our family. These products have helped simplify our home, lessen our workload, embrace slower living, and become a healthier, more unified family.

Above and beyond these items, I cannot express how greatly we support the giving and receiving of experience gifts. For more on my thoughts on experience gifts (and what to give!) visit this post here!

And for more info on how we actually DO Christmas in our home, check this post here!

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We have the V8, it’s my third arm. ‘Nuff said.

To watch why this vacuum is worth it’s weight in gold, view my instastory here!

Cheaper Electric Bill. Easy to customize your settings. So worth it.

If there’s no cord… the kid’s don’t know you’re listening to something. You’re welcome. 😉

Husband says they’re sweat proof, they stay put, the sound quality is amazing. He’s techy + nerdy so I trust him.

It’s like a personal assistant on your wrist. I can’t say enough good things about it.


We have two 100 piece sets as well as a STEAM accessory set in our home. They’re so great for open ended, creative play, color recognition, color mixing, counting, so many other things. The cards in the STEAM set pop in and out of the tiles easily, so you have fun “window” tiles to build and create with, or learning tiles to explore! We chose Picasso brand magnetic tiles after MUCH research and MUCH thought. They’re brand is highly recommended by so many daycare providers and early childhood educators, they’re priced fairly, they’re compatible with other brands. And Picasso Tiles has so many additional accessory sets to build your collection as you grow.

The Boogie Board. Road trips. Doctor appointments. Quiet time at home. Mom’s in the shower. You name it. These boards go everywhere, and each kid has one. We loved these for transitioning our children off tablets and screen time. And our kids use them DAILY in our home and on the go.

I get asked often about our doll house + car set, this set has held up SO WELL over the last 3 years we’ve owned it. We love that its compact, holds the accessories easily, and is so open ended for imaginative play.

Markers. Markers all day. Erray day. Ultra Washable of course. They wipe off everything and anything with just water, wash out of clothes, and look really adorable as home decor when displayed in a mason jar on your dining room table! 🙂 #momlife

We love Melissa & Doug kitchen accessory sets for their quality, and amazing addition to our toy rotation. This is by far our favorite set. The cookie set is open ended for play, helps with fine motor skills and is our most used and requested kitchen accessory set.

The KidKraft Kitchen Set. It’s realistic. It prompts imaginative play in a very natural sense. It’s super durable, and if you are feeling ambitious, it’s easily customizable (think contact paper, Pinterest hacks, all that good jazz). But it’s also not ugly straight from the box. Which for a kitchen play set, is really really hard to come by!

WARNING :: You’ll want to assemble before Christmas morning.

We have a Google Home Mini in each kids’ room. We use them for white noise, music, timers, okay to wake alarms, weather checks when getting dressed each morning, and so much more.

I sincerely hope this helps you intentionally shop and gift this holiday season!



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