Ten Completely Free and Simple Ways to Self Care

Self care is all the rage for today’s mama. And I get it. Less martyr. More intention. Being a good mom doesn’t mean you sacrifice every moment of every day.

But now we’ve created a cross culture, where if you aren’t getting these luxurious self care moments, you aren’t momming right either. And this can leave us feeling even more depleted.

A few years in to parenting I felt so frustrated. We are told because we are moms, we deserve all this luxurious me time. Elaborate (and expensive) pampering sessions, endless beauty products, time away from my kids.

So why wasn’t it happening? And when I did take that time, why did it make me feel even more anxious than it was meant to in the first place?

I felt so much frustration in early motherhood, because I wasn’t getting the ‘self care’ that society told me I needed. Which eventually leaked out into my marriage, and my family. So not healthy.

What is self care?

One day, somewhere down my minimalist path, I had some kind of sweet epiphany. Self care doesn’t have to be what commercialism is telling me I need. Having this come to Jesus moment really turned my entire attitude toward momming around.

Suddenly I saw moments all through out my day that were considered self care. Sweet little moments I was taking complete advantage of, because my vision of self care had become so warped.

So today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite (and free!) self care methods to help soothe your sweet mama soul.

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Ten Completely Free Ways to Self Care

1. DIY Face Mask. While purchasing fancy, organic sheet masks are all the rage, I love a good DIY with things already in my pantry and fridge! Try the simple recipes here, or here!

If time is short and your pantry sparse, a simple lip scrub with a little honey and brown sugar mixed in my palm is a fun and quick way to exfoliate, plump my lips and leave me feeling refreshed.

2. Clear a Counter. I mean, this is so me. But for real, there is something so magical about a clean surface. Grab ten minutes and dedicate them to tackling a section of your high traffic space (office, kitchen, entry way). Once that space is cleared you’ll feel accomplished. Plus the visual each time you walk past it will be like a breath of fresh air.

If you haven’t joined the Going Simple Challenge, it isn’t too late! Join me on Instagram for more details and to get started in your own home!

3. Read a Book. Setting my phone down and opening the pages of a book are one of my favorite ways to calm my anxieties and rest. We are constantly on call with notifications today. Giving our mind a break from that demand is so essential to our mental mama health. If you don’t know where to start, check out some of my favorite reads here.

My new fave is this basic nursing tee from Kindred Bravely! It will be sticking around long after the nursing is season is done. Use this link to get 20% off your first order! 

4. Throw On Your Favorite Outfit. Sometimes, self care is as simple as throwing on your favorite tee. Wearing the pieces in your closet that work for you can build your confidence and give you an instant mood boost!

5. Change Your Settings. Speaking of notifications, my phone settings are one of the major contributors to my anxiety. Switching the settings on my phone made a huge impact on how I feel each day. It may not sound like traditional self care. But it is, and it’s so totally needed for all of us! If you’re looking for tips on which settings to switch, check out my phone settings!

6. Bake Something You Love. When I’m feeling wound up, I choose a simple recipe to tackle. One I know I can’t mess up. If my kids are around and demanding my attention, I invite them to bake with me. It’s a great way to slow everyone down and occupy our hands (and minds).

We love pairing our favorite gingerbread cookies with our playdough tools and fun cookie cutters for kid friendly baking!

7. Bring a Hot Bevvie into the Shower. One of the simplest ways I slow myself down is by preparing a hot beverage and parking my butt on a chair to enjoy it hot. As long as my babies let me, that is.

TIP: on especially hectic days, skip the caffeine to avoid reaching the breaking point sooner than necessary. Some favorite decaf hot beverages are a simple chamomile tea, or even hot water with lemon (and honey for added sweetness).

8. Curl Your Hair. Oh Ehm Gee. I couldn’t say this one enough. A few months ago I was in a serious rut. One of my friends shared how good it felt that she had curled her hair that morning. And I suddenly realized it had been weeks since I had done anything with my hair besides the dreaded mom-bun. I stopped our day in its tracks to invest a few minutes on myself. And what do you know… I felt alive again!

(For my curl method, click here). So next time you’re feeling less than, grab your iron and give it a go!

9. Take a Walk in Nature. This is easier said than done in the winter months for us, but one of my favorite ways to dive into self care if my kids are present and I just need. a. minute. is to take a walk. I buckle the littlest in the stroller, put whoever wants to burn some energy on their bike, and we walk. They’re occupied and I can catch my breath. Also, the Vitamin D is a plus!

10. Meditate On It. Meditation comes in many forms. You can dibe into the Word, go eastern with your vibes, or you can simply sit in the quiet. Maybe silent prayer or turning on a meditation app is more your style.

Whatever works best for you, find it, and stick with it. Taking time to sit in the quiet, whichever your preferred method is, can be such a great way to rest and rejuvenate your body for a little self care.

No matter how you do it, self care is important. Being needed on demand 24/7 is a very overwhelming job. So taking some time to reset your self should totally be a priority. Just know that it doesn’t have to be big elaborate nights out, expensive spa treatments or extended vacations.

Self care opportunities are around you every day if you just open up to them! What are your favorite ways to self care?




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