Make a Plan: Five Reasons to Establish Daily Rhythms

When I started into my early motherhood journey, I was clueless. I attempted multiple home management, meal planning and self care routines. I printed charts. I wrote out schedules. But nothing worked for me. 

Finding myself so discouraged by my failure, I would throw in the towel. The repetitive cycle of giving up on these systems left me helpless. I felt like my home was always controlling me, and I desperately wanted it the other way around. 

Sound familiar?

It wasn’t until I discovered the concept of daily rhythms, that I really finally found my footing in motherhood.

Setting myself up for success didn’t look like a chart of completed check boxes, system or structure. 

Instead It felt more like hopeful rhythms of regularity and grace. 

Five Reasons To Establish Daily Rhythms

Here are my favorite simple reasons I established daily rhythms, and why you should establish them too!

1. It keeps your home afloat.

Major perk of repeating daily rhythms? Our homes are less likely to fall apart. Because if we do the small daily tasks, frequently enough, our home doesn’t completely implode when life demands all of our attention!

2. It clears the brain fog.

Have you ever felt like your brain is drowning in to do lists? For me, the voices of four little ones chirping in my ear all day long paired with even the simplest daily tasks can cause stimulation overload. That overwhelming feeling is the perfect red flag to get those daily tasks out of your head and onto some paper! 

3. It helps you tackle your goals.

Did you know it is scientifically proven that writing down our goals helps us achieve them? You are 42% more likely to achieve any goal just by writing it down. Small daily goals count too! Often, they’re just as important as the bigger goals in curating our happiness.

4. It encourages the practice of grace giving.

It’s almost impossible to avoid the ‘give grace’ train these days. But what really is grace? And how to we obtain it? A great place to start is by practicing daily rhythms, and allowing yourself the room to drop the ball every once in a while. 

We are not designed to be perfect. So if we don’t make it through our daily rhythms each day, that’s okay. 

Tomorrow is a fresh start, where we get to try again. When we give ourselves the space of grace, we realize that failure isn’t really failure at all, but instead, just a missed opportunity. Missing our goals isn’t the end of our story. We can try again. And by trying again, we have the chance to grow. Each day.

5. It feels good!

When we take care of our home, our home looks good. And when our home looks good, we feel good. Less clutter and less mess provides the physical space (and the brain space)  to enjoy other things in life. 

This is one of the reasons I love Simplicity Coaching so much. Working with women to curate rhythms to their specific home, family and needs is a gift I will never take for granted. 

Rhythms have blessed our home and family, and I’d love to hear from you! Got any other reasons you love daily rhythms? Add your fave reasons in the comments below.

Below, you can grab my free daily rhythms printables!

If you are wanting to learn how to establish your own personalized rhythms, check out this post on how to and grab this printable planner pack!


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