MARRIAGE :: promises

It’s so easy today, or maybe just seems such common practice, during weak moments in marriage, to be tempted to think of alternatives. To think about breaking the promises made at the alter. Words like seperation and divorce are the new norm.

But I feel moved by today’s devotional to remember that marriage was created not just to give us the good times, good feelings and good partnership.

The marriage covenant is meant to be permanent and unwavering—unconditional in every other way—because through it, we more vividly experience the unconditional love, grace, and forgiveness of God.

Marriage was created to move us and change us during the hard times. There is great purpose in the hard times. Marriage is one of His ways of molding us.

When we are knee deep in the thick of it, feeling prideful, it’s our chance to be humbled.

When we are feeling misunderstood, it’s our chance to find compassion.

When we feel unloved or neglected, it’s our chance to feel closer to Jesus’ love.

When we feel disrespected, it’s our chance to practice grace.

All these hard moments that break marriage, aren’t meant to do so. God gives us these experiences to watch us flourish. If we keep our eye on him, and the example Jesus gave us, we can see these moments as opportunity to grow with not only our spouse, but grow closer with Him.

Ugh, what an amazing, refreshing way to look at the whole experience of marriage, isn’t it?!



Link to Fierce Marriage Devotional Series, click here.

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