Dining Room Redo: Budget Savy Style

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Hey-yo! We are just over one month in to our new home and loving it! Since this is the first home we purchased together as husband and wife, Eric and I have been having fun making it our own and adding touches that represent us, and not the hand me down pieces and hodgepodge items we’ve always previously owned.

That being said, hubby loves a budget, and I love making hubby happy! So when it came to our dining room, we needed to find something affordable, durable and still have a bit of personality (because, hi, have you met me? Mrs. Personality over here).

We searched and searched, but anything of any bit of quality and durability was going to run us $$$$ even on sale and stackable coupon codes. And baby girl, that ish just won’t fly here.

Some of our Inspo Tables

I saw a banner ad for outdoor patio dining sets, and they looked just like the table style we were after, a bit of farmhouse with an industrial twist. And for a FRACTION of the cost! Like, literally half the price of our inspo dream tables.

This was really exciting guys. Because this meant we had room in our budget for chaiirrrssssss.

Yaaaassss girl.

Chairsssssssss. So exciting!

So off I went to show hubby, he was like “book it bubs.” (He didn’t really say that, but basically, so let us pretend).

Later that night we found chairs to match, which also ended up being a steal of a deal, and decent quality to boot.

Moral of the story, we hacked the furniture system, got some great deals on quality pieces that will last us through this season of life for sure, and have a super solid dining room table that will grow with our family!

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All the pieces arrived today, and I’m happy to say they were all super easy to assemble, so easy I managed to assemble the table, two benches, and four chairs all alone. At 35 weeks pregnant. With two toddlers in the house. And in no longer than it takes to watch The Lion King start to finish. I actually beat the movie, if I can brag for a minute here.

The chairs are a decent quality and will do their job, you can’t beat them at this price. The table and bench are made of solid wood and metal. Which is awesome because in five years when the little hellions, I mean angel babies, destroy the table top with marker and scratches and who knows what else, I can do a quick sanding and reseal and they’ll be good as new for another five years. And our rug… well, it’s one of my favorite pieces in our house!

Take THAT indoor expensive dining set with your wood veneer finish that renders useless along the first mark, scratch or peel!White Border VT Template 10

Thanks for reading, and if you LOVE the table and chairs and LOVE me, please shop through the affiliate links (in partnership with the Amazon Affiliate Program, see my disclosure policies here!) and share on Pinterest!



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Dining Chairs

Outdoor 3 Piece Dining Set

Ikea Ritva Curtain Panels

Ikea Racka Curtain Rods and Syrlig Hoops with Hooks

Our Rug! Carpet Art Dec Donaver Collection. I finally tracked it down for you, this has taken me forever to find it! I cannot find it sold in Beige/Navy anywhere anymore, but this is the Beige/Black version!

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