Curate your life with this Monthly Goal Worksheet

The start of each month calls for a fresh spread and a fresh outlook on the life I want to be living. Am I doing all I can to curate my daily experiences?

I love using the monthly view in my TAP Planner System to reassess my habits. Do I need to focus on a work goal this next month? Or maybe I have been feeling so frazzled in the busyness that my focus should shift to more personal self care?

It’s funny how as I reflect each month, my needs are constantly ebbing and flowing with the seasons of life.

For example, this month: the girls are going to be home for the summer. The desire to keep everyone happy (even though we know that isn’t possible!), the June desire to do all. the. things.

Having experienced a few summer breaks now, I know more than anything I need to make my solo time a top priority. Using the monthly view in my TAP Planner, I was able to do just that!

Write out my vision.

Break down the why behind my needs.

Define the first steps I need to do to get to this goal.

Establish my personal hurdles.

Develop realistic trackers to help me stay on course.

And a spot to reflect at the end of the month… so important for personal growth!

I use the adjacent monthly view in my TAP Planner to track my progress throughout the month. Am I staying on course? Did a busy week throw me off my goal? Seeing the big picture in a monthly view can really help to catch those hurdles when they set in!

This month I kept it super simple and doodled in a little heart on each date. As the month goes on, I’ll color in the days I’m successful in my goal (any progress is good progress!). And the days I fall off track, I’ll leave blank.

I love this system because I can adapt it each month to what life needs out of me. Or what I need out of it.

Big picture: I’m in charge.

I dictate, along with my behaviors, how successful I am. Whether it’s personal growth, a big family project, a monetary goal, or a work milestone.

New to the TAP collection!

Because I love using this Monthly Goal Sheet so much, I am bringing it to you in a bite sized scale!

You can now grab a single sheet printable of the Monthly Goal Sheet to help you dream up and curate the life you want. As well as utilize the monthly view to lay out your goals, trackers, meal plan, schedule and more!

Each month use this Monthly Goal worksheet to define your goal or focus for the month. Work through the goal to understand your why, create attainable first steps, define hurdles, develop trackers and reflect on your progress. 

Printable included in this purchase is the single page, single sheet PDF of the monthly view.

Split page printable (images with ivory paper inset in binder, pictured above) are part of the complete TAP Planner Pack. You can grab the full TAP Planner printable pack HERE.

Learn more about the complete TAP printable planner system: An interactive, simple, step by step guide to find balance between personal goals + tasks, family life and home management.

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