Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup + The Easiest Italian Bread

I’ve been loving the rhythm we’ve added to our dinners lately. Giving each weekday a theme makes it so much easier to meal plan and prep.

It also adds great predictably for our children. Slow Cooker Saturday has surprisingly become one of their faves.

To learn more about how we plan a months worth of dinners in 10 minutes, and get the free printable I use to do it, click here!

I never thought my toddlers would eat soup, let alone beg for seconds. But getting their little hands involved, which is super easy with dump and set crock pot dinners, has them so intrigued and excited to sample the outcomes!

Today’s Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice soup was a hit. It was warm, full of comfort, and filling. And bonus that for us, there was plenty left to freeze for in case of emergency dinner nights (ie. momma forgot to defrost the chicken again).

I paired it with a stellar and so simple crusty Italian bread. This bread was PERFECT for soup. So easy to make, only four ingredients, quick rising, and no knead.

And being only my second attempt at bread ever, I’d say it turned out pretty amazing. I took the original recipe and chose to infuse it with basil and parsley for an earthy vibe.

To find the recipe for the Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, click here.

For the Crusty Italian Bread recipe, click here.

Enjoy this easy meal! Let me know how it works for you in the comments. I love to hear from you!




  • Travis and Missy Rumery

    Thanks so much for all your wonderful tips, recipes and inspiration! I just recently found your blog and have learned so many great tips and tricks! Thank you! I love the way you arrange and organize things, so I’m wondering if you’ve found a good system for art supplies? I cannot seem to stay on top of all the supplies and the artwork that follows! 🤪 Any tips you can share? Thanks for all you do!!

    Best, Missy

    • Amy Eilers

      Thanks so much for the comment Missy! So glad you can find things that help you here! 😍

      Art supplies are such a struggle! I’ve been asked a few times about this, and plan to do a quick walk through in my Instagram stories one of these days! (@houseofeilers)

      I have craft stuff in a closet off our kitchen for easier clean up. I keep it simple and have all paper/coloring books in one basket. A small sterilite drawer tower houses all the rest of our supplies. Each drawer is a separate crafting category, for easy retrieval.

      Once my kiddos are older, and more responsible with clean up, I do plan to just get a roll away utility cart so all supplies can roll out, be open and accessible, and then roll back away when done. We are just a little young in our house for that still! 😉

  • Amanda Grycowski

    Made this today and the kids GOBBLED it. Joe said this was the best dinner we’ve had in a while. Ive been in a rut making the same things for a while. This was GREAT! I told Mason he gets to make the bread next time since its so easy. I told him hes going to win his future wife by making her bread someday. Haha!

    • Amy Eilers

      Haha! Love this! I’m so glad you guys enjoyed it! We love this bread recipe because it’s so simple and kid friendly. And makes for great next day paninis for lunch! Tell Mason I want some credit when he lands his future wife one day! 😉

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