Going Simple: Clothing Organization and Decluttering

Week Three of The Going Simple Challenge, we declutter + clothing organization.

Clothing organization and clutter holds us to a different standard. It just feels more personal. We purchase clothing in hopes of who we want to become. Or maybe we are holding on to someone we once were. 

Sorting by color ways is a great way to bring a crips, aesthetically pleasing boutique vibe to your clothing organization. tops hang from darkest to lightest and color blocked to give a boutique effect.

But maybe the most unfortunate of all is that often, our clothing does not represent who we actually are in this specific season of life. That is where we feel most frustration with clothing organization and decluttering.

As we enter into our clothing storage this week, we might feel things like defeat, guilt, discouragement. This week we are going to focus on the good, the positive, the keepers.

Going Simple Tip :: Avoid decision fatigue by focusing on what you are KEEPING, not what you’re getting rid of. This is essential to building the wardrobe you love.

Going Simple with Clothing Organization And Decluttering

Here are my tried and true methods to Go Simple with clothing organization and decluttering.

1. Choose a great cause to donate your clothing to. Deciding where to donate before you start the process helps when you get hung up on items.

2. Gather ALL of your clothing from all areas of the home, and sort in one place by category. The bed works great for me on this one. Empty your closets, dressers, seasonal storage. Sort it by category.

3. Pick your keepers. Let go of the rest. Work your way through your wardrobe, one category at a time. Grab your pile of blouses, pick your favorites you wear, you love, that fit well, and that you are comfortable in. Put them back in your closet. Let the rest go.

4. Note what’s missing. Are all your cami’s are worn out? Short one pair of jeans? Create a new note document in your phone called “Clothing Needs”. Track the gaps in your wardrobe. Next time there’s a sale tempting you, or you have some extra funds to spend, open your Note’s App to easily recall what you need, as well as avoid impulse purchases.

Three image collage demonstrates how editing your wardrobe one category at a time can help create a functional wardrobe, as well as a decluttered look to your clothing organization.
Return KEEPERS, one category at a time, to build a wardrobe you love.

Going Simple Tip :: Struggling with letting go? Try living without it! Pack up any items you’re unsure of. Then set a calendar alert to revisit the box in 30 days.

Ever heard of paralysis by analysis? Here’s a pep talk if you’re having a hard time kickstarting progress in your home.

Going Simple Tip :: Take care to make your clothing last! Fold items properly, choose matching hangers, arrange clothing from darkest to lightest. Creating a visually appealing, boutique style closet will help boost your confidence when you enter the space.

Clothing organization in a large closet space works best when broken into functional storage sets. Drawers for smaller items. Shelving for bulky knits and denim. Hangers for tops to breathe.

Drawers and closets stuffed to the brim can be super overwhelming, and also can make finding something to wear amongst the chaos impossible. Not to mention the snowball effect of overbuying because you feel “you have nothing to wear!”

I truly hope this post helps you simplify your wardrobes!

Simplifying down your wardrobe to your favorites can help you curate a collection you love. And bonus, it can help you realize a lot of the items you already own do have value! Best of luck this week in rediscovering your style!


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Sweaters sit atop shelving, organized by color ways and stacked neatly to create a clean, boutique style storage system.

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