Stop Fighting Blank Space, Start Living Life

Hey friends! Today I just wanted to talk about a little something that’s been on my mind lately. With the busyness and bustle that comes with the new year, we all can feel pressured to jump into the next big thing. 

But this year I am feeling such strong urge to focus not on what I can fill my life up with. But instead what I can make space for. 

A lot of us feel the pull to clear our spaces. And rightfully so! A cleared space free of clutter is scientifically proven to calm our mind. 

But what if we cleared those spaces, and then, we rest.

What if we listened to the blank space? 

What if we didn’t fight it so much when these spaces filled back up?

Maybe this sounds really silly to you. I know for me it is a bit wonky. Or uncomfortable. 

But if there is one thing I’ve learned the last few years. The uncomfortable is worth it. The awkward fight usually leads to the good stuff.

So if you are feeling the urge to pack another responsibility on. To join a New Year’s challenge. Or to even add something physically to your space in your home. Or even remove it. Let’s hit pause.

I understand we need to car for our homes, so if you must, hit reset. 

But then, rest. 

And let all the glory of life being lived naturally fill in those cracks.

This may be a space to tidy, but what if we looked past the mess, and saw the space for the story it told?

Two sisters snuggled up for story time.

A husband came home from work and changed into something comfortable.

A baby crawled in and left a trail behind her.

Maybe these messes in our home and life don’t have to feel so messy.

This year let’s consider the blank space for all that it’s worth. Let’s build it into our homes. Schedule it in our planners. Embrace it in our relationships.

I’m not sure about you, but for me, the blank space is where the good stuff happens. Where living happens. And living is what it’s all about. 


Does your home crave a little more blank space?

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