Encourage Independence in Kids with Daily Rhythms

including this free printable pack!

When I first started out parenting, I always told myself I’d never be that parent that hangs little charts up (and you know how I feel about those ‘nevers’). It seemed too formal and forced. But once I realized my child was craving independence around two, I realized maybe those charts weren’t so bad after all.

In our home we introduced a simple morning and evening routine by placing visual charts up in our daughters’ room. By giving them an easy reminder of the steps they could take on their own, we saw them bloom in independence.

They know what was expected of them, and we get to relax a bit. Hello! Bonus!

Benefits of Daily Routines for Children

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  • Encourages Independence
  • Bonds Family
  • Establishes Expectations
  • Fosters A Calmer Environment
  • Builds Confidence
  • Creates Healthy, Constructive Habits
  • Takes Stress Off Caregiver
  • Creates Comforting ‘Daily Rituals’
  • Offers Stability During Times Of Stress
  • Leaves Room for Flexibility

Now at 8, 6, 4 and 2, our two oldest girls are mostly independent in their morning and evening routines (I say, mostly, not always… because they are human children after all! 😂). The daily tasks are now standard practice. I just nudge them with a “start your bedtime routine” and they jump right into their bedtime prep.

This freedom is so nice, especially when you have multiple kiddos to usher out the door each morning.

So with that, I’m sharing some free printables! Our morning and evening charts! I have a few versions available, as we have kids at different stages in our home (and you might too!).

School Aged Kids : Morning, Afternoon + Night School Rhythms

This printable pack is for the school aged child! It walks you through a morning routine: wake up, make bed, go potty, eat breakfast, take vitamins, brush teeth, get dressed, do hair, grab backpack and lunch, go to school.

The afternoon rhythm set keeps it simple, but keeps them on track so they aren’t rushing to get their responsibilities done at bedtime. IYKYK. Unpack backpack and lunch, eat snack, do homework, go play!

As well as an evening routine: pack backpack and lunch, clean up toys, take bath, brush teeth and hair, put on pajamas and pick tomorrows outfit, go potty, read book, go to bed.

Toddlers and Rhythms

If you’re looking for rhythms for toddlers at home (sans school tasks), check out this post with free toddler rhythms printables!


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