BEAUTY :: 3 Minute Make Up Routine

Okay Okay you guys. You know I love a good timer.

Unloading the dishwasher in under two minutes? Check.

Prepping, plating and cleaning up breakfast in under 10 minutes? Check.

BUT, my make up routine? I see five minute routines everywhere. So I wondered, how long does mine take? Since simplifying our life (and our bathroom majorly), my makeup routine has been uber streamlined for mornings with three kids.

Well, I timed it, and I was at a meager 3:20! BAM! You guys were wanting the deets, especially because all the products I use are budget friendly, and available at any drugstore. So without further ado, here is my 3 minute makeup routine!

No filters, just me, and 3 minutes of drug store of make up!

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My Three Minute Make Up Routine

Fresh Face – I start fresh as a daisy each day with my CeraVe facial cleanser. It’s super gentle on my fair and sensitive skin, and doesn’t dry my face out in the winter months. Bonus because it’s also an awesome makeup remover for bedtime!

Healthy Glow Prep – With having fair skin, I always ALWAYS opt for SPF in my moisturizer. And honestly, if you aren’t using SPF in your moisturizer with all the info and research at our fingertips these days, girl, get yourself some stat!

Simply Defined Brows – After I’m so fresh and so clean, I focus on defining my brows. I never thought I’d be a brow girl, but it really does define your face. That being said, I am NOT a fan of the over done brow. One: I genuinely feel like we all will regret this trend one day. Two: I have zero time for primping and stressing over brow shape. I use a simple, cheap yet effective brow pencil and softly, with little strokes, fill in the bare spots. TIP: If your pencil seems harsh, and like you have to press hard to apply the color, warm the tip of it first. Some pass it through the flame of a lighter or match. I prefer my to use my God given hand warmers (aka: stick that sucker between your thighs while you moisturize. Then she’ll be warmed, softened, and ready for application). After my brows are defined (I use a quick sweep of a licked Q-Tip to clean up any outside-of-the-lines errors), a quick brush with the opposite end of the pencil to organize those brow hairs and they’re done!

Lazy Girl Contour – I move on to my bronzer. I call this step, the Lazy Girl Contour. Focus your brush on the ‘low’ parts of your face. If you notice, you’ll basically be drawing an E on each side. Hitting up your temple, just below your cheek bone, and just under your jaw line. A few quick sweeps with a light bronzer is just the right glow for a quick every day pick me up. Also, this stuff smells amaze-balls. You’re welcome.

Lash Prep – I do a quick curl of my eyelashes next, prepping them for my mascara.

Powder Set – But I don’t reach for my mascara yet. First, I take my fave, fave, FAVE mineral powder, swirl my kabuki brush, and do light swirling on the opposite parts of my bronzer. I also sweep the brush over my brows (set the color) as well as over my lashes. I read somewhere once to dust powder over your lashes before mascara application to amp up the volume, and by golly, I think it works! So I do it every dayyyyyy.

Mascara Mascara Mascara – My number one girl is my fave tube of mascara. I am a mascara snob. Like, as in, once in high school, I worked for the school newspaper, and I wrote an entire article on the best mascaras. I used to spend $40 on a tube at Sephora. Regularly. Until L’Oreal came out with this wonderful gift to humanity. OMG this tube is under $10 and it packs more volume than my old Dior fave. Trust me on this. She’s my secret weapon in my make up bag. A quick wiggle at the roots of my lashes, sweep it out to the ends, both tops and bottom lashes. I clean up any errors with that good ole licked Q-Tip. And my eyes are like HELLO!

Lip Care – Last but not least, I’ll sweep my fave lip balm on my pout, and I’m set. Some days I’ll do a tinted one. But most days I’m au naturale, as I kiss my babies all day, and I don’t feel like cleaning lip color off them.

That’s it. No filters here, I’m not about to use modern trickery on you guys, you know I love keeping it real!

Utilizing a functional make up bag has part to do with the quickness of my routine. I love this one from Target. I keep my daily amo in the lay flat zip front pocket. So each day I just zip it open, and my makeup is already laying out for me. No powder dusts on the counter to clean up because I avoid that dump and stuff step. Which always requires counter clean up. Any specialty makeup (foundations, highlighters, eye shadows, liners, etc) are kept in the larger back pocket. This keeps them out of sight every morning, so I’m not left with decision and dig overload. Just another small way to simplify my life!

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You name it, and it can be done. Ugh. Target. I love you. Wishing you a happy, quick, easy and lazy girl makeup routine!



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