10 Gifts For The Minimalist, The Person Who Has Everything, Or The Person Who Hates Everything

So you’ve found yourself here because of one too many gift giving incidents have gone bad. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there.

If you were at my wedding, and you heard my brothers’ speeches, you know that I am the queen of a sour poker face when it comes to receiving gifts. I consider it as a compliment. It means I’m a horrible liar. 😉

Maybe you’re here because you have someone who simply already has All. The. Things. And finding a gift that’s new and will be loved is an impossible task.

Ooooor, maybe you’re here because a loved one is a new found minimalist. So getting them something isn’t really a great gift option anymore.

But alas, you are on this post, searching for an answer to finally appease your loved one. Don’t worry. I’m here to help. Here’s a list of ten items to get your loved one that doesn’t involve anything!


10 Gifts For The Minimalist, The Person Who Has Everything, Or The Person Who Hates Everything

1. Date Night Out. Think dinner, concert or a show. Even the most introverted recipient would benefit from a little relief of kitchen duty with some take-out. A certificate to our favorite food spot would totally suffice for an awesome gift.

But I definitely recommend you think beyond the table. My brother and wife gifted a collective family night out to a comedian for Christmas. It was so much fun getting everyone together outside of the holidays. And going somewhere fun like a comedy show just further enhanced the joy their gift brought!

2. Consultations or Seminars. Whether it’s a life coach, a Guru, or even a personal organizer. Give us the gift of investing in ourselves.

I mean, have you seen the documentary “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru” ??? Just sayin’. 

3. Classes. Be it yoga, pilates, paintball, art, cooking, photography or kickboxing, we would love nothing more than to immerse in an extracurricular activity of our interest.

If you are on this list because of a Minimalist, there is one thing you should know. We value growth and education more than any one “thing.” Support our lifestyle by gifting us something that will not only leave our shelves empty-ish, but will fill up our experience and knowledge banks.  

4. Membership. A month paid at our gym, studio or museum would not only better us physically and mentally, but the life of the gift would last for longer than just a day.

Bonus points if we have kids: Think children’s museum, zoo, ballet or karate lessons, days paid at a trusted drop-in childcare center.

5. Night Away. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do with my spouse is spend time away together, unplug from reality and reconnect. Gift cards for a hotel or a B&B would totally suffice.

One of my favorite trips with my husband was a night at a hotel downtown in our own city. Without the worry of commuting or children, we were able to walk downtown and enjoy so many restaurants and pubs we’d never even been to. 

6. Pamper Us. It doesn’t have to be lavish or involve a full day at a spa (although wouldn’t that be nice)! Think massage, pedicure, haircut, color or style. I’d take an hour to myself any day over an object found at a flee market.

Have you heard the phrase “self care” lately? The trend of investing in one’s self is all the rage, and rightfully so, as our world is quickly becoming a demanding parade of direct messages and texts with read receipts (can’t a girl just ignore her inbox for a second without feeling a little guilt!). Help your loved one slow down by gifting a little self care!


7. Subscription Services. This can be tricky so stick with me. Some subscription services, like Birchbox or FabFitFun can be great if your recipient likes trying new things. But they can also be wasteful. If your loved one enjoys trying new beauty products or quirky goods, then these will totally work. But what I find even more fun are subscriptions that involve solely usable goods (not just tangible ones).

My husband loves when my parents gift him subscriptions to Beer/Wine/Coffee of the Month type services! It allows him to try a wide variety of items within his interest range, but also doesn’t require bulk storage of useless items he never wanted in the first place. And the best part, if you gift more than one month, the gift keeps on giving!

8. Kickstart To A Project. Sorry but this one is going to require a bit of work. I guarantee your giftee has some sort of project in the works. Who doesn’t love making our spaces unique and our own. Stalk us out! Use our social media platforms to your advantage. Scope our Pinterest board or Instagram feed for ideas.

One of the best gifts I received at my bridal shower several years ago is still one of my faves to date. My cousin had scoped my Pinterest boards and found a wreath I wanted to make, personalized with my new married initials. She gave me all the supplies to create it. But left the work up to me! I still have that wreath seven years later, and I’ve updated and fluctuated it’s design so many times I can’t even count! It was even used in my daughter’s newborn pictures. I’ll never forget the simple thought she put into getting me a gift she knew I’d love. But it wasn’t just the gift. It was the experience of creating that came along with it. 

9. Tackle The Hurdles. This is probably my favorite gift idea on the list. Take the experience gift the extra mile. Think of all the obstacles that would stand in our way of being able to enjoy some of the above experience gifts. Volunteer to provide childcare, pet care, even plant care. Give a gas card, a token for parking.

My younger brother blew me away last Christmas with his thoughtfulness. He gifted our family the experience of going to the zoo. The closest large zoo was an hour away, so he didn’t just thinking about tickets to the zoo, he also got us tickets for parking and a gas card for the trip down and back. He took the experience of the zoo, and covered all obstacles it would take us to get there.


10. Ask Us. The point of a gift is to show someone you care. You want to make sure your gift is something your recipient truly wants, yes? Then why not ask! I bet we’ll tell you. Maybe we’d prefer you donate to our favorite cause in our name. Maybe we just need someone to contribute to a costly bill (like a winter electric bill, or our never ending student loan) for one month to lessen our financial stresses. Maybe we could use a gift card for groceries or things needed for an upcoming trip planned.


If you are still in doubt, ask these questions. Will the gift spark joy? Will it be useful? Will it be practical?

What was a gift you got that you LOVED? Hated? Do you feel the need to hang on to these items simply because they were gifted to you? Or have you ever received or given an experience gift that was a home run? Let me know in the comments!



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